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Buying a property as an unmarried couple?

No problem if you are well informed!

Who hasn’t heard a story like this? One partner invests for years in a property that is in the name of the other partner, the two separate and the one who paid has nothing to gain from it. To avoid the same fate happening to you, it’s best to take precautions before you buy and, if possible, get legal advice so that you are always on the safe side.

Couples without a marriage certificate – what to consider when buying real estate

If you want to buy a property as an unmarried couple, many agreements must be recorded in writing. Especially in conurbations, it can be worthwhile for a couple to purchase a property. In a relationship without a marriage certificate, however, such a project requires special protection, because in this case many pitfalls can lurk that need to be taken into account in the run-up to the purchase decision.

Today, for modern couples, only implementing the plan to buy their own home after marriage is no longer necessarily the order of choice. Often, one or both partners have already been divorced and are reluctant to remarry. But also – or especially because of – the currently very attractive low interest rates, the temptation is great to buy a property instead of just renting it. This is confirmed by many estate agents who are increasingly assisting unmarried couples in buying property.

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As an unmarried couple, don't leave anything to coincidence when buying a property.

In any case, a property should not be purchased hastily, especially by unmarried couples. A full consultation with a lawyer for real estate law is absolutely recommended in the run-up to the purchase. We will be happy to discuss all risks with you and support you in reliably covering all eventualities.

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