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Real estate purchase contract audit

We check your real estate purchase contract very carefully. In Berlin and nationwide.

When purchasing a property, it is important to deal with the components and contents of a property purchase contract. Since this is not exactly an everyday event for most people, there is often a lack of both specialist knowledge and experience in order to be able to adequately protect oneself from legal risks – questionable or missing clauses then usually go unnoticed, but can have major consequences.

In order to avoid later legal disputes and high costs in the course of your purchase or sale, we, as experienced lawyers for real estate law, are at your side to advise you. We thoroughly check your real estate purchase contract, submit proposals for amendments and, in the worst case, represent you in court – in Berlin and nationwide.

Your experts for real estate law:

  • Over 10 years of experience in real estate law
  • Quick initial assessment of your case
  • Free coverage request with your legal expenses insurance
  • Support with purchase and sale of property
  • Review of purchase contracts
  • We assist in all fields connected to real estate and provide help with all problems concerning ownership and property

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Immediate assessment of your real estate purchase contract

Get a quick & free quote to review your case here. We professionally review your real estate purchase contract and advocate for your interests. Avoid unnecessary legal risks that can arise from not individualised notary contracts.

We assert your interests - In Berlin & nationwide

What to bear in mind when signing a real estate purchase contract

Especially with the high investment sums of a real estate purchase, you should always “play it safe”. Your advantage: The assessment of the costs of a real estate purchase contract check is quick, non-binding and also easy for you to realise via form. Of course, you can also call us if you need verbal advice first.

Once a contract has been drawn up, the notary must make it available to the contracting parties at least 2 weeks before the final notarisation, provided it is a consumer loan contract. If the deadline is met, the buyer or seller has sufficient time to have the individual parts of the contract checked. If the notary does not meet this advance deadline, it is advisable to insist on compliance and, if necessary, to seek a postponement of the notarisation.

The most important information on the real estate purchase contract

Detailed information on the real estate purchase contract review and FAQ